Tara and Jeff

Wedding details

Planning a normal wedding was just too easy. We wanted a challenge. So after eleven years together, we decided to tie the knot during a major global crisis.

Just kidding! Nobody saw this coming, but here we are, and as is typical of marriage we are making all kinds of pivots and compromises to pull this thing off. So if you can hang in there with us, we are hopeful we will get to celebrate with you soon!

Due to our desire to be married and the unpredictability of covid, we are choosing to separate the wedding ceremony from the wedding celebration. Therefore, the plan is to have an intimate ceremony in September, followed by a celebration next May.

If you are itching to watch us say our vows, we will be live streaming the ceremony for your viewing pleasure. The link: https://youtu.be/TiIrKpvFM48.

After the ceremony, we'll carry on as newlyweds for 9 months, hope and pray for the end of covid-19, and get excited for the wedding celebration in Lake Tahoe!

The Lake Tahoe party will be a casual event with speeches, food, dancing, s'mores on the beach, and lots of great pictures! We know it's a hike from the Midwest, but we hope you make a vacation of it! Enjoy the long weekend in a beautiful location - water, woods, golf, and some gambling - we're certain there's something for everyone.

If covid crashes either of our parties, we'll let you know here. Check back often!

With love,
Tara & Jeff
Petra Kern